A Journey of Discovery

A doctor, an idea, a global pandemic. A cure?


WOW on a molecular level.

TrippBio has discovered that an existing safe drug, referred to as TD213, can prevent the host cell from transporting viral components. “Basically, it locks the doors, so the virus can’t hitch a ride into the cell,” explains Dr. Tripp. 
In contrast to existing drugs that block viruses from replicating after infection, TD213 has the potential to prevent cellular infection. 
The science behind TD213 began in the lab under the microscope of Ralph Tripp Ph. D., Professor at the University of Georgia.  He spent his career researching and developing translational disease intervention strategies for emerging viruses, and saw the connection between humans and animals. The journey started with the identification of an existing medication with an outstanding safety record, a drug that showed impressive results in laboratory testing against influenza, RSV, and  Based on these laboratory results, Dr. Tripp and his team were encouraged by the potential of this candidate to treat COVID-19. 
Dr. Tripp partnered with SpinUp Campus to launch TrippBio and TD213 to an eager audience. TrippBio signed a worldwide, exclusive, intellectual property license agreement in all fields-of-use with the non-profit  University of Georgia Research Foundation. 
With proper funding in place, TrippBio will be able to pursue the testing and clinical trials needed to seek FDA approval for this new therapeutic indication in the prevention and treatment of the common cold. 
TrippBio plans to implement a clinical program immediately to determine the efficacy of TD213 to treat influenza, RSV and COVID-19 patients. 

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About our partners

SpinUp Campus​

TrippBio is a SpinUp Campus company. SpinUp Campus connects trailblazing university scientists with public investors to bring life-improving innovations to market. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, SpinUp Campus endeavors to commercialize biotech and nanotech discoveries that benefit the world through investment opportunities that benefit the individual. SpinUp Campus is driven by serial entrepreneurs who know how to identify promising innovations at the university level.​

University of Georgia​

Chartered by the state of Georgia in 1785, the University of Georgia is the birthplace of public higher education in America—launching our nation’s great tradition of world-class public education. What began as a commitment to inspire the next generation grows stronger today through global research, hands-on learning, and extensive outreach. A top value in public higher education, Georgia’s flagship university thrives in a community that combines a culture-rich college town with a strong economic center.​

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