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David E. Martin
MBA, PharmD – President & CEO

Dr. David E. Martin is a highly accomplished translational scientist with nearly 30 years of hands-on drug development experience across the spectrum of drug discovery, preclinical development, Phase- IV clinical development, and regulatory affairs. He has been responsible for IV clinical development, and regulatory affairs and managing 30 discovery/early phase clinical programs in a variety of therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, inflammation, respiratory, and HIV. Dr. Martin has published more than 137 peer-reviewed, scientific publications and has 14 granted/provisional patents. Dr. Martin received his PharmD from the University of Southern California (USC) patents.Dr. Martin received his PharmD from the University of Southern California (USC) and completed his Residency in Clinical Pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy followed by a Fellowship in Drug Development at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Glaxo, Inc.

Ralph A. Tripp,
Ph. D. - Chief Science Officer

Dr.Ralph Tripp’s main focus is on developing translational disease intervention strategies for emerging respiratory viruses. He has been a professor and Georgia Research Alliance Chair in vaccine and therapeutic development at the University of Georgia for 24 years. Dr. Tripp is a viral immunologist, having experience in molecular biology and biochemistry with a Ph.D. from Oregon State University. TrippBio was named after Dr. Tripp and his amazing work in the field of disease intervention.


Richard Still
Chief Financial Officer, Director

Richard Still has a strong background in finance, operations and corporate startups. He has most recently served as CFO of a 100 million dollar privately held company. His previous positions included COO of a multi-location environmental company, financial analyst for an investment banking firm and plant manager for a manufacturing company.

Richard was also the founder and CEO of three different companies. Richard has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Duke University and MBA from Columbia University School of Business.

Billy Meadow

Billy Meadow is a serial technology entrepreneur and has thrived for decades in commercializing and funding companies like TrippBio, based on the ideas of professors and research scientists. His latest company, SpinUp Campus, focuses on matching forward thinking university scientists with public angel investors to bring new drug treatments and medical innovations to market. He excels at business strategy and is seasoned in the art and science of start-up company success. Billy has a Bachelor of Science degree in business from Florida State University.

Fred D. Sancilio
MS, Ph.D. - Director

Dr. Sancilio is a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare field and is currently a principle of Clearway Global, Inc., a pharmaceutical development advisory service. He is also president and serves on the board of directors of Alpha Cognition, Inc., a Canadian biotechnology company that is developing neurological products to treat Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases. Dr. Sancilio received his Master of Science and Doctorate degrees from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. For over four decades, he has contributed to the development of over 1,000 drug products marketed worldwide, holds numerous patents and has written dozens of scientific publications. Fred served as a research professor and managing director of Translational Development & Commercialization at Florida Atlantic University and was an adjunct professor of chemistry at University of North Carolina.

Kathy Blahunka
PharmD - Advisor

Dr. Kathy Blahunka has 27 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in a variety of roles within drug development including clinical development, regulatory, technology assessment, R&D technology enablement and medical affairs. She was on teams for two successful NDA submissions and approvals, is active with two incubator programs and the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy. She received her BS and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the University of Illinois Medical Center Campus.a

R. Kevin Pegg
Ph.D. - Advisor

Dr. Kevin Pegg has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur with seven startup biotechnology companies in both environmental and clinical diagnostics instrumentation, and in chemistry. He has a doctorate from Florida State University with studies on a molecular model for multiple chemical sensitivity, a master’s in genetic toxicology, and a bachelor’s in marine sciences. Dr. Pegg also has spent over 15 years in academia as a professor of biotechnology and microbiology. He has received numerous grants, holds multiple U.S. and international patents, and is a registered U.S. patent agent specializing in biotechnology art.

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