Challenging the Treatment of Respiratory Viruses

We are a pioneering biotech company committed to the discovery of new antiviral treatments.

Developing Products with Lower Risk &
Higher Efficacy

As a company, TrippBio is dedicated to enhancing the healthcare treatment industry and changing lives across the globe. Our goal is to bring life-saving treatments to patients worldwide.

Our current product, PanCytoVir™, aims to:

Advanced Phases of Testing for Innovative PanCytoVir™ Drug

Pancytovir is currently in clinical testing. It has shown great potential and with its unique mechanism of action could be a key therapeutic drug to help millions.

Current Clinical Trial

TrippBio is currently conducting a randomized, single-center, single-blind, placebo controlled, study to evaluate efficacy of PanCytoVir™ 500 mg twice daily and 1000 mg twice daily for the treatment of non-hospitalized patients with COVID-19 infection (NCT05442983). 

Treatment for Emerging Respiratory Viruses

TrippBio focuses on developing innovative applications of existing drugs with low risk and high efficacy to treat viral pathogens like influenza, RSV, and COVID-19.